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Education brochure 
School project Runö

In this task focus on the education theme and let the illustrations attract the audience. Runö offers courses in project management, communication, organisations, structure and leadership. I created this brochure as a school project. I wanted the illustrations to highlight each course theme and create effective visual storytelling through design. For this task, I had to use the original logotype in red and create some colours that go well with that theme. I picked bright blue and green colours to create harmony within the design. 

Design process 
School project Runö

I started this process with some research and sketching. Then I created Illustrations for each course. I picked fonts and colours that goes well with the education theme.

School project Runö

I created some pictogram that goes well with the theme. These are used in the design to visualize each action that the user can do such as the calendar for the courses, pay for the course and sending over a request. 
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