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Brygghuset Finn
Beer label Coffee Stout

Beer label design for the Swedish craft beer brewery Brygghuset Finn in Skåne. The design is created for a 33 cl bottle. The client wanted a retro café design including a coffee can. The design has a retro touch with its Italian retro coffee can and music stereo. I picked some rust-red-brown shades to create a feeling of rusted coffee beans. These colours go well with the retro theme, as well as with the ingredients. 

Creative beerography
Beer label Coffee Stout

Combining graphic design/ packaging with creative beer art for social media.

Design process
Beer label Coffee Stout

The design process started with some research about the "retro coffee" style as well as sketching design objects within the design. I used Illustrator on my Ipad to create the design. The area within the label is limited to I had to carefully pick the objects to make them fit in. The design is placed in layers in Illustrator. I used my Canon PRO-1000 printer to create Mockups for the beer label and to check the final colours for the design.

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