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Brewshare is a new innovative platform created for microbreweries. The platform is designed as a multichannel where microbreweries can share more than just their products. The platform is designed for the homebrewer who has a genuine interest in learning more about the process of brewing. The platform is also designed for those who want to learn about the brewing process, get inspiration and recipes for their next project or just enjoy some videos from experts.

You can visit the project website, testing the prototypes by klicking the button below:


The final design project of my studies at the University of Kristianstad. It resulted in a concept illustrated in different look-and-feel prototypes. 


User research, sketching, prototyping, UX-design and UI-design and Graphic design together with Veronica Granlund.


The purpose of this project was to create an innovative, digital solution for Swedish microbreweries to stand out. By designing a digital artifact we wanted to give the microbreweries a new way to share their work, knowledge and possess in the art of brewing, as well as a unique way to market themselves without facing the strict laws of alcohol marketing in Sweden. 


To find the best solution and making the best design decisions, we involved some homebrewers to answer some of our questions. Through user research, we found homebrewers who not only have a huge passion for homebrewing but are also interested in everything including beer such as the process and the story behind the products. The users are also willing to pay for exclusive material from the experts. This opened up for new ways of designing our concept and prototypes.


Multichannel designed specifically with homebrewers in mind. The application has a unique brewmode function which makes it easier to handle the application while brewing.

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